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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  September 3, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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teresa: good morning everybody. temperatures reaching the 90s once again today at least that's the good word from the weather department. weekend should be comfortable. mike woods has the extended forecast coming up. ben: water system in a bronx building tested positives for the bacteria that causes legionnaires' disease. a person who lived in that complex is now hospitalized with the illness. teresa: police need your help in finding the suspect joan here, accused of raping a 19-year-old woman while covering his face with a t-shirt. we have the latest on this story. ben: football program out of staten island high school suspended after hazing allegation it is surfaced this week. several of the players on that team believe they are being treated fun fairly.
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we'll fell you why. teresa: 6:00 on the dot good morning everybody i'm teresa priolo in for juliet this morning. ben: i'm ben simmoneau sepght 3rd labor day weekend. gubs a day or so away now. check the forecast with with mike. it is looking pretty nice. we have to get through at least one more hot day. mike: one more hot day is one more day of humidity. tomorrow is sticky yods but cooler at the same time. not a bad trade. here's what we had for the highs yesterday a lot like this again today. 91 was your high in central park 92 allentown. 92 also in poughkeepsie. we made it up to 86 degrees for you in islip. 92 montauk above normal temperatures again happening for you today. we also have an air quality alert that has been expand it was just new jersey yesterday. but now it is almost all new jersey but it also includes five borough, lower hudson valley. coastal connecticut all of long island from 11:00 this morning until 11:00 this evening. there will be a higher level of
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ozone out there which make it is a little more difficult to breathe. awhat look at the fog, visibility number come down to one quarter of a mile for you in islip there. still patchy fog especially in long island i imagine some along the jersey shore coast a similar condition to what we had yesterday. 75 central park. 76 newark right now. 63 poughkeepsie as well as monticello with a mainly clear sky. other than patchy fog we don't have-in we'll be staying adrop in temperatures, though. hitting 9 2, 90 plus for five days in a row is what we get and a cooldown 82 tomorrow with a small chance of showers out there in in in the morning. beyond 6:00 with your commute situation. good morning ines. >> commute is great this morning.
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late running construction on staten island expressway. this is westbound by slawson avenue you have two lanes blocked there peb side you're fine. brooklyn side of the verrazano bridge on gowanus a stalled truck on gowanus canal blocking a lane and, of course, bqe. check on that in a second. no problem on 78 or 280 there's the l.i.e. by grand central parkway in queens starting to poik up in volume but moving okay in volume. to brook loin bridge normal delays because of construction. trains on or close to schedule. >> so far to f so good at least when it comes to the long island railroad this morning. >> fingers crossed and commute reverse leery as they leave their homes today because thousands of riders were stranded yesterday by a massive system wide shutdown it was caused by a power outage in the east river tunnel yesterday morning. these are the scenes from the crowds that were stranded for a
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very, very long time that stopped traffic in and out of penn staigs. income trains forced to stop at jamaica riders shuttled to overcrowded subway lines leaving them frustrated as well as angry. slow here for two hours and ten minutes. >> workers got the trains back on track by making temporary repairs but rrld officials are saying that they're expecting normal service today as long as those repairs hold up and that is a big if. chg city officials say that a resident of the south bronx has been hospitalized with a new case eve legionnaires' disease. >> also learning that the quarter system in the housing complex where that person lives legionella bacteria. we have the details from the this morning. good morning, robert. reporter: good morning to you, this is the building at 6891
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cortland avenue that tested positive. the summer may be fading away but legionnaires worries are not. beginning today, new york city housing authority is expected to install water filters that eliminate legionella bacteria at houses. hot water distribution system in that building tested positive. hot water there will be turned back on once filters are installed. two other buildings in the melrose houses at 304 east 156th street and 700 morris avenue tested negative. result at five other buildings in the complex are pending. commissioner there have been four cases it have legionnaires' disease in the melrose house it is in the last six months. hospitalized it. those who live in the building that tested positive wonder why are they just piepgding out about these cases now? something was going on.
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give us a heads up. why wait until last minute for everybody in a meeting to tell us that it is hering? [inaudible] >> not long ago they declared legionnaires' outbreak gone. but word of the sacred heart all girls school on east side tested positive for the bacteria once again the city sun uneasy. more than 200 got sick. 12 died. >> this does not appear that the small cluster of cases here in the melrose houses is at all related it to the outbreak from earlier this summer. by the way, health department says cold water herl at this building is safe to use. that is the latest live from the melrose section of the bronx this morning. ben and teresa back to you. ben: robert for us thank you. you have 07 police in brooklyn
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on the hunt for a man who pumpleg and kicked a man another him. teresa: disturbing video caught on surveillance tape. two arguing before that fight happened early monday morning in front of the gate avenue in bushwick. police are looking for the guy in the green shirt on the left. he's described as blond hair. glassing on. victim on the right is 42-year-old jose he was taken to ab nearby hospital and later died from his injuries. >> police searching for a man who raped a 19-year-old woman on sunday. take a look a sketch there and some surveillance videos. the man walking with his shirt partially off. he was approached bit guy who said he had a gun and pulled her into the back of the building and then raped her. the suspect is wearing blue and white hawaiian shorts and tank top and covered his face with a shirt. if you have any information on
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either eve those stories call crime stoppers 1-800-577-tips. teresa: football games in practices suspended after hazing high school. >> no charges have been filed but right now the football program at susan wagner high is on hold while school officials investigate. us. >> disheartening because of the work we put in. >> his parents and plenty of other varsity and junior varsity football players at susan wagner high school say they're unfairly punished. the school has suspended jv and varsity football practice and gamings after reports of aled hazing at a football camp last week upstate. carlos rios is a senior and didn't witness anything, but heard it be some of the playerses goofing around. >> what everyone said at camp was they were guns and shooting at each other with them. >> one parent is alleging one
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targeted freshman shooting them with bb or air pellet gunning hitting him with broom sticks drawing genitals on them and rubbing behinds in players faces while they were sleeping. >> three kids that were accused of doing it, they got suspended. they're off the team carry on from there. >> high school is suspended a volunteer coach. the special commissioner of investigations for city public schools is now investigating. it in the meantime, parents here are upset that i their children cannot take the field and play this weekend. >> i don't think that a whole team should be punished for something that these few individuals did. >> punishing whole team as a whole that makes no sense. telling me next time there's a fight in school the school will get in trouble. why don't we take caring of the people or the children that were involved not punish the whole team. these are innocent kids. >> liz loys "good day new york."
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>> we have a lot more to come on this thursday morning. >> yesterday not thatted baf a day hopefully today is nice as well. what's sail you mike woods? mike: starting off with 75 degrees. mainly sunny skies. hots and humid, maybe a stray thunderstorm or shower in the area. not too much of that going on. the daily and hourly forecast available on the fox 5 weather app at the am l itunes store, google play store download it for free, and it will go to work for you. you can use the radar on it too. we'll be right back. a wave of game-day excitement is rolling into dunkin'. taste the new tailgater breakfast sandwich, stacked with smoked sausage, fire-roasted peppers, and onions. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> we're back 6:13 something you're not supposed to hear. >> keep your pants on. from the boss. pmpleg mike please keep your pangts on one of your jobs. one of the qualifications for your job what is interesting is mike does that weather tease two minutes ago, then he takes his jacket off. only to have to put it back on. [laughter] thing, ever. let's get you going with the 90-degree days so far this
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summer. for sure. only one in the month of june but that's typical. five in the month of july. eight in the month of august. but only two days. looks like three days but anyhow looks like today is dmairm three. do it again. so far we've seen 16. end up at 17 or 18 since we have come more 90 degrees possible for the month of september. average is 15 so we're warmer than normal but not by a huge amount as far as the 90-degree days go. 76 newark right now. 73 in montauk. dew points are all the still pretty high. 64 for you out at central park. 65 newark, and you're still in that range where you're either sticky or uncomfortable here we're kind of going back and forth between the two if anything i think we would go up a bit today. to the uncomfortable range that's what you're in for hot, humid day coming at us. a back door cold front coming
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in, and we have that southerly flow bringing in the moisture. but as that cold front runs up against that, there's a small opportunity for a few showers to break out. on the future cast is doesn't give us much of anything. just light little showers late that's it. over. this is a cool or conditioned i can high that takings over that is why your temps drop down quite a bit in next couple of days. today hot and humid. high temp up to 292 degrees, tomorrow it is going to be up to 892 still in stickier side. but get rid of that into saturdays, sunday, and monday. holiday weekend looking nice and toasty out there but not too humid. humidity does come back to you on tuesday, wednesday of next week with high it is near 90 once again. all right let's get you to ines rosales an we see haze and fog too. we have a problem on the commute this morning, ines? >> good morning mike it doesn't seem to be a problem. but they have issues right now long island is doing fine. suffolk county no problem on southern state parkway your
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commute in new jersey benminster bridgewater nothing problem. if you're traveling out to edison yarr you're fine 287. cameras on tappan zee bridge. westchester bound fine southbound. before the bridge northbound there's a stalled truck blocking a lane. check out the george washington bridge crossing bridge on upper, lower level. lincoln tunnel a five minute delay. teresa and ben. ben: a fire that swepght through a jersey jersey home fill may have been set. pmpleght on jo lean avenue late tuesday night investigators found the bodies of a couple and their two children ages 7 and 4 in a bedroom. they appear to have been dead or injured before the fire. and officials say that fire was not accidental . investigators reportedly found separate spots in the home where the flames began so they're trying to piece together this entire situation.
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>> former states department staffer who helped it set up hillary clinton e-mail server pleaded at this fifth. brian is his name he was subpoenaed to testify before the house the committee on beaning dispeep his lawyer sent a letters on monday to the committee saying that by pleading the fifth, he hopes to avoid incriminating himself and fbi is investigating whether they jeopardized sensitive national security information. she will reportedly testify before the house committee next month. >> all 7 schools using jfk high school campus in marble hill open for the first day of school on september the 9th building damaged by a gas explosion that injured three workers. upgrading signs since the blast. they say the building structurally sound and air quality poses no risk to students or staff. >> the kentucky clerk who was refoodsing to issue marriage licenses toll gay couples will have a court date today.
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contempt of court hearing after refused to license based only religious objection. attorneys from the aclu said she should be fined but not jailed. refuses to gay or heterosexual couples since the supreme court legalized gay marriage across the united states. still to come this morning. new york subway station need a lot of work but how long will it tack until repairs are finally finished? we're talking about decades not even years. >> trying to get to the bottom of that. we'll be right back after this. oh, stay on that one. [changes channel] sometimes it's hard to catch all your favorite shows. you're killing me, dad. with time warner cable's enhanced dvr, you can. time. plus, you can record in one room and watch in another. p so you can enjoy tv on your schedule.
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welcome to the future. yes, welcome. get over 200 hd channels, internet, and unlimited calling for $89.99 a month. time warner cable.
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and dragged through the mud. introducing the all-new mercedes-benz gle. it's where brains meet brawn. >> we're back it is 6:21 a nonprofit watch dog group says we may be gone before the subway system gets all of the repairs it needs. the citizens budget commission says, are you ready for this it won't be until the year to 2067 before the system is fixed 52 years from now. like to think that i'm still arpgd by them. >> to fix the subway system. how many things break before now and then? the 25% of all infrastructure like stairs, platform and columns are major disrepair that's just a station that does not include track ore signals and recommending mta stop
6:22 am
expansion projects likes the second avenue subway and instead focus on repairs saying it needs to expand to keep up with growing ridership. >> that is ridiculous. construction is marking major milestone that reached halfway point. work is now beyond on all 8 towers that will stand as high as 42 stories. and support the span across the hudson river it is really cool to see this thing actually go up because they're building next to the bridge. engineers say they're making tremendous progress. take a listen. fascinating to watch the construction and we have several sections of structural blue steel girders in place as well. they're approaching the rockland shoreline. >> tower should be completed by middle of the year and 4 billion projects won't be completed until 2018 but they're making significant headway. >> 6:22 in today's "health
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watch" one year ago that cvs stopped selling cigarettes a company says that move led to a big decrease in cigarette sales across the country. its action resulted in a 1% drop in total cigarette sales. in the 13th states where the pharmacy stopped selling them. 1% may not sowpgd like a lot but that equates to 95 million fewer packs being sold. cvs did not stop selling nicotine replacement products, they noted there was a 4% increase in nicotine patch states. >> special kids get a real treat on long island. >> yes, they hit the qeafs but surfing dog named norm. jody goldberg tells us he inspired them to test the waters. have a look. meet a purebred black lab and they know very well they're natural swimmers but norm can
6:24 am
also surf. wasn't his calling until later in life. a canine companion for independent adopted him two years ago. after he had his so-called career change in the program and wasn't fit to be on a assistance dog he had training and loved helping people. he was destined for bigger things. >> put him on a surfboard and rest was history. the surf instructors a recreation program for children with adults with special needs. >> jumps out and frons down towards the beach. so he knows once he seeses suffer board let gets all excited. >> he doesn't just suffer for fun but when they watch norm ride the waves they tried for themselves and succeed while doing it. : just the confidence that he has stapgding up, it is just an
6:25 am
absolutely wonderful -- >> up to the sand and waits to be pushed out again. >> known to cut the line, loves cookies for rewards and belly rubs when he's done for the day. you can see norm surf for yourself this coming saturday on lincoln boulevard in long beach. raising money for the tommy suffer program at camp anchor to continue letting special needs kids enjoil the experience of or offing. jody goldberg "fox 5 news." >> i love norm. i don't know him but i love him. i even asked our producer to hold on a second while i was taking in norm. 6:25 now another the cute little story today a baby panda. >> are they cute? >> not really? >> i find them cute. teresa: i know they squeal all of the commentary it be baby pandas but i love the baby animals they start to get black spots at the smithsonian national zoo in washington, d.c. ben: newly released video of the
6:26 am
new panda with the mother. two pandas were born last month. they're very rat-like i think. only one survived but panda cubs is hairless but starting to get distinct black and white markings his arms -- look darker than rest of his body so far panda does not have a name but typically named after 100 days. >> every other newborn attempting to hold up his head. he can't get it. awe -- ben: top story when is we come back. teresa: nypd says city is having its safest summer in decades. we'll be right back.
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teresa: 6:29 but we have to get through today first it might be a scorcher. mike has the details coming up in just a minute. ben: a resident of south bronx has been hospitalized with a new case eve legionnaires' disease. the quarter s. housing complex where that fern lives has tested positive for legionella bacteria. dow surging 293 points. futures this morning are up, markets. >> hoping to see pope francis processional now it is time to enter the ticket lottery. new york state resident have until monday to enter. all right good morning everybody i'm ben simmoneau. teresa: and i am a teresa priolo in for juliet morning. pope finished his chair. comupg as well. ferlg check of the forecast mike i had no complaints about yesterday. yesterday afternoon with that light breeze cut the temperatures i thought it was
6:31 am
absolutely gorgeous. mike: getting used to it or savoring last few days of summer here because it is fading out soon. generally speaking days are getting shorter both in the front and back end and the angle is coming down so you don't feel the intensity of the sun. nonetheless we have another hot, humid one coming at us here. air quality alert in effect for tristate region coming up for almost everyone here today. all of the gray shaded can wants. start off temps 75 central park. 76 newark. 61 degrees in sussex, and yeah looks like a pretty quiet day for the most part we're going to see more sun than anything. but this back door cold front will be coming through. and it is going to bring us small chance of showers but not until late tonight tomorrow morning and that's it. also a drop in temperatures afterwards. another impressive 92 but not roord and warm for this tile of the year and 80s for upcoming holiday weekend but lots of sun. let's bring in ines right now
6:32 am
and see what's happening with our commute this morning. yesterday we have huge problems but today not as bad. >> good morning mike yesterday dealing with long island railroad day before the brocker right now small little problems. 280 teb an if fox by exit 8 to much with a out that's blocking a lane. nassau county moving okay. normal delay slowdown by glen cove road you're fine on southern state parkway. go to our camera at your commute on tappan zee bridge. westchester bound fine. this shot northbound no issues rockland county bound there's a stalled truck there. with a flat tire blocking a lane before you getting on the bring rockland county bonged. long island rrld, new jersey transit and paths trains running on or close to schedule. treetion, ben. >> ines thank you. city officials say that quarter system of a housing complex in the south bronx has tested positive for the bacteria that causes legionnaires' disease. >> one person who lives in that complex has been hospitalized. let's go to fox 5's robert moses he's in the melrose section of
6:33 am
the bronx, and robert it is interesting given that city officials declared that outbreak that we saw a couple of weeks ago over , but this appears to be new. the cluster is not related to the outbreak earlier morning. there are a lot of people taking cold showers this morning herl at cortland avenue because the hot water remains off. the hot water distribution system is the one that tested positive for legionella bacteria. residents gathered for a meeting on this issue. they also received flyers, they were told that that distribution center system rather did test positive. water filters are to be installed today in each apartment to eliminate it that bacteria, and then once that happens, hot waters will be turned back on. the health department says four people who live in the melrose houses have come down with legionnaires' disease in the
6:34 am
last six months. three of those treated and released one is still hospitalized. those who live here told me a few minutes ago they're a bit anxious that legionnaires' has arrived a at their doorstep. >> it is a thing, sketchy because i have a son four months, that is water. you know, that's like costly to life period. so it has a bad situation but pretty sure it can be fixed. >> they say it is deadly so i don't know what's going to happen. i have small kids so i'm worried. >> earlier this week we learned it that the convent of the sacred heart all girls school on upper east side tested positive for legionella bacteria. all told 12 people died in this summer's outbreak more than 120 people requester sickened incidentally here at 6:81 cortland in the bronx we're told that the cold water is safe to use.
6:35 am
that is the latest live from the melrose section of the bronx this morning . ben and teresa back to you. teresa: robert robert thank you very much. nypd claiming this has been the safest summer in the city in two decades that is a bold statement. ben: crime stats show june through august number of murders and shootings were at their lowest level since early 90s despite a rash of shootings at the very start of summer. stats also show that shootings are down 1.5% for the first eight months of the year compared to last year. assault and burglaries down, but overall. murders are still up. 6% that assaults jumped more than 5%. teresa: lottery ticket to see pope francis processional through central park starts today. new york state residents will have until mooned to enter that lottery winners are eligible to get two tickets, and that processional takes place before pope francis celebrates mass at
6:36 am
madison square guardsen attend a prayer service at st. patricks cathedral to apply for tickets call 311 apply online and we have the link to that on our qbs which is "fox 5 ny".com. ben: here's that chair that pope francis will sit in when he delivers mass at madison square garden. cardinal dolan unveiled it yesterday. simple oak chair no adornment. pretty basic just the wait his holiness ordered it. immigrant workers built it and pontiff did not want chair crafters to make it as simplicity and humility has been a huge component of this pope's philosophy. getting word of a big house pish in brooklyn. >> out to skyfox hd mike weinstein joins us high above this morning. he has the debt tails. good morning, mike. rng good morning the site is 1312 glenwood road here in brooklyn. you can see it has affected two houses. the roof of this one house is under dousing water right now.
6:37 am
and that the roof is really being torn off as the fire doused that house with water. this house right next deer also a victim of the damage from the fire that did go to four alarm. we understand or at least five people injured. firefighters do appear to be f to have upper hand at meant to but working hard to get this fire completely under control. now back to the studio. >> mike thanks very much. >> all right fox means business. >> joining us from the fox business studio is it lauren simonetti. another crazy ride yesterday. how are we looking this morning? >> but it was great day yesterday. dow was up 300 poingts seen these tremendous moves in both through this morning. we told you the reason why there would be yesterday because the china narcotic is closed. they have a parade toll celebrate world war ii. hong kong markets are closed so some relief that we're not responding to asia. higher by 70 point now. are you making money in your 401(k) yet in nothing, things
6:38 am
are negative for the year. probably still mostly in correction territory down 10% from a recent high but maybe people will start to feel better. most say we're not done with all of the selling yet we get the august payrolls number tomorrow morning a big number. how many jobs is the economy adding and then fed interprets that number when they meet in two weeks and decide for the first time is it time to make your autoloan and mortgage more expensive? will interest rates finally go up? a lot of people are saying you know pull that band-aid off and hike rates if you hike them we can feel confident that the toc economy is strong enough to handle them. >> we'll see what happens but hopefully this roller coaster ride -- >> quite tight. >> not going to stop. we'll see this volatility through that fed meeting, morgan
6:39 am
stanley is predicting that economies around the world like japan and u.s. and stronger ones will show more strength around time left. >> all right lauren. good to see you guys. >> have a qferl day. >> you can catch lauren on the fox business network if you're not sure why to find fox business log on to fox -- channel finder. >> channel finder. i need to find a way juliet brings such -- spark to channel finder in nor norwegian do they have channel finder in norway? >> i don't think so. >> she's piepgding something -- keep us on our toes. teresa: how's the weather looking mikey? mike: changes coming up for us here if you're tired of the heat and humidity folks are ready for it to back down a bit. high temps near 90 today around the 91, 92.
6:40 am
a brief shower scheduled to come through later tonight into early tomorrow. but that also brings in some cooler temps. along request it again suspect a bad thing that is here joust in time for the labor day weekend, and we're going to keep it nice and dry around as well. comfortable conditions for you holiday weekend. all right let's bring it in ines right now and see what's happening with our commute doing all right out there, ines? >> good morning mike compared to last couple of days stalled truck on gowanus canal so you have traffic slow on gowanus and 2 80 eastbound there's an accident. george washington bridge no delay upper or lower level. 495 okay after kennedy things slow down a little about a 15 minute delay. holland five to ten. duke castiglione is in. hi, duke. duke: time to dance we'll fell you why. actually we'll show you why the number one seed at the u.s. open. novak djokovic dancing. >> plus the latest entertainment news still to come this morning.
6:41 am
>> there's some reports of trouble on the home front for gisele and tom. they'll tell us coming up.
6:42 am
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for a bold start and smooth finish. for a limited time, ddperks members can get any size dark roast coffee for 99 cents. ddperks. that's loyalty. america runs on dunkin'. >> chebbing headlines for you
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bacteria causing ledge nares disease at the melrose house its in the bronx. city housing authority is expected to install water facility percent that eliminate legionella bacteria. >> suspended after hazing allegations at suzanne wagner high school in stilted. one parnght says upper classman targeted freshman by shooting them with bb or air pellet guns hitting them with broom sticks and having other lewd gestures performed on them. normal service as repairs hold up. riders left stranded after a power outage near the eetion river tunnels. >> fingers crossed for that one. get a check of sports 6:44. >> maybe old school fans that don't like pitch counts and innings counts one like this. i don't know. do you like this? tweet us let fuss know.
6:45 am
rookie will get the start instead of noah syndergaard getting matt at work. mets will start using a -man rotation. meantime last nooght at citi field score 1-0. you don't see this every night. ruben bloops shot down to right field line. dominic brown misses the ball and goes over the fence. as rube opinion flies around the bases. ballpark home run making it 3-0. you don't even see that in little league. move now to the bottom of the third. you don't. going other way two run homer you know what mets big night for them. officials go deep. 9-4 final score, and washington did win last night. >> boo -- >> they're not going to make it. >> they need to save to get out of here. 6 and a half games back, they
6:46 am
are. swinging big statistically last nights. yesterday afternoon. a weird thing. top of the second we go rookie unloads henry, two run shot. that's ten kowrminging lefty on lefty right there bird showing a nice short swing, and then john ryan murphy next batter, john qowld say back to back, belly to belly and yankees win big 1-8 final schorl, however, toronto refuses to lose if a game in outback in the al eetion. now to pus open second round action continues today. big name in action. andy murray. stan the man wears shirt to prove it. roger federer and caroline. meantime novak djokovic, and third set joker dominating ping pong return, and then hits the overhand winner.
6:47 am
wince 6-4, 6-1 you invite the dancing fan down. >> doing the cotton eyed joe. >> hasn't done that at a wedding. >> single. that djokovic. i love new york. warmup routine. >> what he does before he serves touches ears, notes nose, and picks his wedgie i was distracted by that every time. maybe he doesn't have a wj wedgie i don't know. >> you can't get it anywhere else. he beat schwartzman. 7-6. serena williams continues to advance in her quest to capture the calendar grand slam hasn't happened since steffigrass but you knew that walk in the park. first set, no wasn't exactly a
6:48 am
quack in the park. picture vailed 7-5 an won the match in straight sets. she said she wasn't quite kervel. you know, she's thinking about this grand slam. 7-6-6-3 serving the set. nina and serve goes to return live to take the first set 6-3. match point venice getsing done. she wins three, 6-3, 6-2. >> final preseason for the jets and giants. speaking to new england here's latest on deflate-gate source of knowledge with the situation tells me we could get a ruling from judge berman today. maybe even this arch. finally we ended with this. what do you make of this? if a boston radio host went on tv last nooght and said this when asked how to get rid of roger goodell as nfl commissioner? >> no chance that this guy is --
6:49 am
years from now. power move. that makes 150 million dollars. okay -- what tells do you do my friend? how do you get him out? in the oh -- no. complicated. insurance policy. >> that's if a statement -- >> obviously he said it in just. but still, you know there's a certain responsibility you have when you're on it's and you're on the radio you can't. >> joke about something like that that's the point? >> you can disagree with a guy. this whole thing i think is way overblown but you can't joke about that. killing him. >> you can't. >> thank you very much. sew you next hour. the holiday just a couple of days away now. >> a lot of people are trying to get out of town and need good weather for it, mike? mike: great for us a little hot. but that's what folks typically like on the labor day weekend
6:50 am
that's what we have coming for you. average for today only high is 80 degrees above normal temperatures. not only today. but all the way through the holing day weekend which you know when we're wrapping up unofficial end of summer here not worst thing. 99 is record high, though, at least not setting any records as far as highs go. well away from the record low too. 50 degrees that was back in 1893. we've got 75 central park. same thing in montauk. 60 in sussex. 61 monticello with a clear sky around the tristate not a whole lot going on but a weak back door cold front to the north of us. there it is and that is going to drop into the area and portion down cooler canadian air. we've got perhaps some more clouds and a quick little chance of showers that should be it. high temp up to about 92 degrees later on this afternoon. so still kind of on the hot and
6:51 am
sticky side with a chance of shower or storm tomorrow morning. apple itunes and google play store with daily and hourly forecast. throughout the it fo [ cheers and applause ] a wave of game-day excitement is rolling into dunkin'. taste the new tailgater breakfast sandwich, stacked with smoked sausage, fire-roasted peppers, and onions. america runs on dunkin'.
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6:54 am
as far as trains metro-north. long island railroad, new jersey transit and paths trains on or close to schedule. ben and teresa. ben: thank you. teresa: good morning anna. what's going on in the world of entertainment? >> following this mel gibson story he's been cleared by police for an alleged the paparazzo attack. we told tmz that police won't be pressing charges for a female photographer's claim that he shoved her and spit her in a tirade last week. gibson lawyer said that police spoke to witnesses in the area and concluded that, quote, the store is it if a complete fabrication of the truth as stated previously, time for our breakup news avril lavigne calling it quits on their two-year marriage with a picture of their wedding from 2013 she said it was a heavy heart they announce their separation.
6:55 am
the two singers spoken about having strict rules for their marriage never two weeks aparts. no drinking when they weren't together. no going clubs without each other. i guess that wasn't enough. it was a chamging year with avril fighting lyme disease he was on tour. phage six chad spotted out at a night club with a mystery woman days before this announcement. couple under pressure for the deflate-gate scandal. okay magazine is a saying that gisele consulted it a divorce lawyer because things have gotten so bads p bad between them. tom thinks this is just a threat. source telling okay that, quote, he's become nasty and irritable and acting out on her. they have that i shall sources saying that the opposite saying the power couple marriage is a-ok but acknowledged that sometimes gisele feels leftout there have been eargts. >> out of what? >> his career.
6:56 am
>> she has her own career. she did retire from the cat walk she suspect doing as much. but she's a mogul makes more money than him. >> leak we don't care for him because of his little -- some say she's been a supportive wife standing by him. >> she has her own issues remember that scandal with ferris getting plastic surgery? she was covered in -- >> i don't remember -- >> reports said she got plastic surgery because she was covered -- [inaudible] check one of our top stories. >> out to liz dahlem in mitd town. good morning liz. empleg we're talking about the pope and today you can sign up to get tickets in central park during that massive procession in three weeks we're also talking about security. how the nypd is preparing for
6:57 am
this big undertaking, and a new poll is out there discussing the pope and whether or not people think he's move toth the church in the right direction. all of that coming up in a little bit in the 7:00 hour. back to both of you. ben: sounds good that's it for us for tbhoins. teresa: we're coming back. "good day new york" with ben and treetion, in a moment. so everyone is saying, "hey! you gotta get fios!" but why? well, fios is a 100 percent fiber optic so you can get access to the fastest internet and in-home wi-fi available. and fios gives you big capacity too. so everyone in the house can get online. but the main reason to get fios? we're rated number 1 in customer satisfaction. ultimately, that's why. get 50 meg fios internet, tv & phone starting at $79.99 a month. hurry, offer ends september 19th. get out of the past. get fios.
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